How to Make a Mojito with Rum

Rum is one of the many types of alcoholic spirit. It is an alcoholic drink that is developed through the use of sugarcane juices wherein it is fermented and then distilled into the rum spirit we know today. Rum actually hold its roots in the Caribbean, back when seafaring was the most common travel and trade transport. The production of rum, the actual distillate during distillation process, is actually clear in color. However, due to the aging of it in charred oak barrels, the rum turns darkish brown in color from absorbing some of the colors and stains of the wooden barrels the fresh rum distillate is store into.

Rum is a versatile spirit and it is used in the preparation of many and different types of cocktail drinks. This alcoholic beverage is very potent in its kick and is perfect for making strong alcoholic cocktail beverages. One of the best and perhaps also one of the most refreshing rum cocktail concoction is the mojito with rum.

If you want to know and try on how to make a mojito with rum, you will need the following ingredients:

how to make a mojito with rum1½ oz. Rum
½ cup Club soda
10 Fresh Mint Leaves
4 Wedges of Lime
White Sugar

Once you have all your ingredients ready, get your metal cocktail shaker and pour in 1½ ounce of rum. Add in about 10 mint leaves along with some lime wedges. Get your muddler and muddle all the ingredients together. Make sure that every bit and pieces of mint leaves and lime wedges are turned into pulp so that their juices and essences are released into the rum. Since there will be no straining of larger bits and pieces, it is important that all ingredients added during muddling are completely squashed into pulp.

After the muddling part, get a few pieces of ice and put it inside the shaker along with the muddled ingredients. Put the lid of the cocktail shaker and shake the contents. Once that’s done and the contents have been fully shaken, get your serving glass and pour the contents of your shaker. Overall, the contents will include bits and pieces of lime, mint leaves, and ice along with the rum that has absorbed all the juices of the other ingredients. After emptying the shaker, top off the serving glass with club soda. (And) you now have a Mojito with rum.

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